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First issues with Leopard

I just recently found the time to install Leopard on my MackBook Pro. I chose to do the archive and install option and for the most part all went well. I was pleasantly surprised that many of the programs I had installed still worked. However when I went to check on my Keychain I noticed […]

Who are the people on your network

As people have been moving in and registering their computers, I’ve been collecting some statistics. A week after move in things seem to be settling down. (Although we just added access to the 7th street houses, which house about 30 students total.) Here are some of the more interesting stats: Of the students living in […]

System Downtime

This morning at about 8:00am, one of our servers (meow) had a kernel panic and died.  As a result some services had issues with switching over to our secondary NFS server.  Thus there were problems accessing home directories on some apple computers, viewing homepages on our homepages.gac.edu webserver and checking quotas. By 8:30am, the server […]

iChat Sounds

For some reason or another the sound effects for my iChat client don’t seem to work all the time any more. I first noticed it last week. Shortly after the upgrade to OS X 10.4.4 I lost the sounds that let me know when someone has left me a message. I can quit iChat, I […]

Keeping our Mac’s patched

In an effort to keep all the Apple OS X Mac’s on campus patched and running all the latest and greatest software, we had to come up with a good way to remotely manage them. Apple’s Remote Desktop app comes in very handy and helps, but we wanted a more scriptable way to do it […]

Issue with iCal and Tiger

Over the weekend I upgraded my PowerBook from OS 10.3 to OS 10.4 Tiger. One of the problems I have noticed is that I could no longer publish my calendars. The way I had is set up in 10.3 was a hack to the .plist file so that I can use https for a secure […]

iChat AV 2.1

Finally! The new version of iChat AV finally supports video conferences with PC users that download the latest version of AOL’s IM client. So much for our internet connection 🙂

iChat AV

We have adjusted the firewall to allow iChatAV to create audio and video conferences. I was able to successfully get connected to my machine at home from my machine in the office via an audio chat. How well it works will depend on network conditions, but I know it should at least get connected ok. […]